1.   Scope

This data protection notice tells users how their personal data is used. The company responsible is Joydrop Ltd operating as "Mikutech" ("Joydrop", "Mikutech", "we", "our") Users can find out more about Joydrop at http://www.joydrop.co . Joydrop Ltd. is an independent games developer focusing on high quality and innovative browser and mobile casual entertainment. Work-for-hire services are available through our sister company, Mikutech. With a background in games and game-related technologies, Joydrop's strengths in high design and rich media have been put to work on applications in such specialized fields as education, engineering, e-commerce, and medicine. Joydrop provides games and related services that can be used with friends or in a social network. Users share, sample and design games with other people. Joydrop handles users personal details with utmost confidentiality, in keeping with the data protection law. Where applicable, before commencing play, the user consents to the personal data being recorded and used by Joydrop, as described in this notice. The user's data is needed for the actual technical usage, the communicative setup, and for the further development of our games.

2.   Log files when visiting Joydrop, & cookies

Every time a Joydrop service is accessed, that communication automatically generates data. Joydrop only stores and uses Log files related data that does not enable a person to be identified (e.g. by making the IP address anonymous). The sole purpose is to obtain technical and statistical information for rectifying faults or improving the website, or for performing research and analysis. Cookies (session IDs) are also used. Cookies are miniature text files that can be saved temporarily or permanently on the user's computer by the browser. Cookies guarantee the consistency of each communication process. Temporary cookies can be used to identify which visits are all part of a single session. Permanent cookies are for re-recognising a user, in order to adjust individual settings. Users are free to decide whether to let their browser use cookies: all browser programs allow cookies to be deactivated or deleted. Functions, where the computer has to be recognised will then only be available to a limited extent, or not at all.

3.   User and gaming data at Joydrop

By taking part in a game, users allow Joydrop to access their data (e.g. player name, level, results, prizes, coins) for staging the game(s) and services. In other words, it allows Joydrop to offer a safe, smooth, efficient and customised gaming experience. This may also include the information that Joydrop swaps with the gaming platform used by each player to access Joydrop games (e.g. profile name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, and the friends list). Joydrop is continually refining its games and services, adapting them to user requirements by using data provided anonymously or under a pseudonym. Joydrop positively encourages every user to make an active contribution to the design of its games and services. We use personal user data to manage game registration, to personalise subsequent visits, and to operate and stage the games. Since the majority of Joydrop games also provide an opportunity for a communal gaming experience, Joydrop may also display your player status or scores to friends and other players. Joydrop may also collect and use a player’s personal data if it is needed for billing any games and services that have been used. Joydrop may also use the data in locked form to comply with retention periods laid down by law or required by contract. If a user sends us an enquiry or subscribes to special services, such as the newsletter, we will ask for the information that we need in order to deal with the request. This information is used on a voluntary basis and only to the extent required, or previously approved by the user (see also Item 11). We may appoint third parties to help us provide our services (e.g. for operating technical platforms or processing payments). However, we take responsibility for monitoring how the information is used at any time.

4.   Email and other electronic addresses

Every user has the opportunity (i.e. upon initial registration for a game) to state the email or other electronic addresses, so that we can send out gaming news. Users may also order newsletters from us about Joydrop and our games. Users may at any time decline to receive email advertising or a newsletter, and can withdraw consent with immediate effect. The simplest way for a user to unsubscribe is to access the special link or the email function, thus specifying preferred settings.

5.   Use of personal data for marketing purposes

We never sell out the user's personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. If the user has given consent (see Item 11), we may display targeted advertising in Joydrop games and services, or we may place or arrange for a cookie (see Item 2) so that targeted advertising can be displayed in the user's browser. This might include advertising that could be of particular interest to the user, in view of the game being played, the user’s age group or location. We mainly advertise our own games and services. If we ever advertise for a third party, we will not provide the advertiser with any personal data or IP addresses, and device identifiers (such as MAC addresses) will be duly abbreviated. Device identifiers help to optimize the delivery of the advertisements. They are not collected or stored, but only accessed locally on the user's device and immediately converted into secure, hashed-based identifiers so that they cannot be resolved back to the original device identifier.

6.   Use of personal data by other players on Joydrop

Depending on the user settings, other players may see personal data in the game or on the relevant platform (e.g. scores). We do not allow other players to use this information outside of a game. If another player obtains personal data because of the way the user has adjusted the settings, we can no longer guarantee the protection of that information. For this reason, it is each user’s responsibility to control individual settings and to monitor who is allowed to view their data.

7.   Platforms

Joydrop's games are offered through a variety of platforms, such as on facebook.com, Google+ and other app and software platforms. Any platform of this kind might collect and use personal details whenever the user accesses it or registers with it. Joydrop has no control over this whatsoever. Users will find all the relevant information in the terms and conditions and in the data privacy policy of each platform.

8.   Facebook plugins

Joydrop uses social plugins, e.g. the "like" button, from the social networking site facebook.com. These plugins are operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook"). The plugins can be identified from one of the Facebook logos (a white "f" on a blue tile or a "thumbs up" sign), or be specially marked as "Facebook Social Plugin". The list of Facebook Social Plugins and what they look like can be viewed on Facebook at http://developers.facebook.com/plugins. If a user accesses one of our websites that contains one of these plugins, its internet browser connects directly with the Facebook servers. Facebook sends the content of the plugins directly to the user's browser and back. Since we have absolutely no control over the amount of data that Facebook collects with the help of these plugins, we would like to share our latest findings with the user. The plugins that are incorporated mean that Facebook receives notification that the user has called up the appropriate page on our website. If the user is logged in on Facebook at the same time, Facebook can allocate the visit to the user's personal Facebook account. If the user interacts with the plugins, such as by pressing the "like" button or posting a comment, that information is immediately transmitted by the browser directly to Facebook, where it is saved. If the user is not using Facebook, the service can still collect and store the IP address. More information on how much data is collected and why, and how it is then processed and used by Facebook, as well as details about the users' rights and the settings available for protecting users' privacy, can be obtained from Facebook's data protection policy at www.facebook.com/policy.php. If the user does not want Facebook to collect data via Joydrop’s website, it is advisable to log off from Facebook before visiting Joydrop. The use of Facebook plugins is also not recommended, if the user does not belong to Facebook or has not yet authorised their data to be accessed and used.

9.   Use of other plugins

Our games, services and websites may also contain other plugins. Each plugin is the responsibility of its provider (e.g. Twitter, Google). Again, this means that we have no control over the amount of information that the respective provider collects with the help of its own plugins, or how it then uses that information. If the user is not yet a customer of the provider or has not yet authorized it to collect and share data, we recommend not clicking on these plugins. If, on the other hand, the user is already a customer of the plugin provider, a direct reference should be made to the relevant provider for information on the kind and amount of personal data it collects and uses, and for what purpose.

10.   Information; deletion and blocking of data

Users are always able to view their gaming details (e.g. player name, score, units, features) by logging in to the relevant platform and calling up the game. Users can make their own deletions and amendments there directly. If requested, Joydrop will immediately provide information free of charge on any other user and inventory data electronically or in writing. Before disclosing any information, we may insist on first receiving some documentation to prove the enquirer's identity and to confirm authenticity. Once the user's contractual agreement with Joydrop comes to an end, essential data will be blocked for an appropriate processing period, and any optional information will be erased.

11.   Withdrawal of consent: objection to advertising, market research or opinion polls

While the use of personal data is based on the consent given by the user, it may be withdrawn at any time with immediate effect. Withdrawing consent may result in services no longer being available, or in the termination of a user’s contractual agreement. We reserve the right to base our data privacy procedures on statutory regulations at any time. Joydrop can be contacted if a user decides to disallow the use of personal details for advertising, market research or opinion polls at info@joydrop.co. A notice or an unsubscribe option (e.g. a button) may be provided on each service used. In the case of an objection, advertising that does not use that player’s personal data (e.g. InGame) will not be affected. Our experts at Joydrop can be contacted at any time if any further issues arise.

12.   Security

We use standard security practices, including encryption, passwords and physical security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorised access and disclosure. User account information is stored on a secure server with firewall protection. If a user enters sensitive data (such as a credit card number), we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). If you have any queries about the security of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at info@joydrop.co.

London, June 1, 2015