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Cupkins is a FREE casual matching game, featuring traditional nesting dolls called Matryoshkas, that come to life through a magical turn of events!

Follow the main heroine, Nadya, throughout the stacking challenges! The dolls have to learn everything from scratch, but with your guidance, they can build an entire town! Will you lend the dolls a helping hand?

Dozens of puzzle levels are out! Get your welcome gift now!

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"Match and Stack"

Organize the dolls back into their proper stacks by combining them in order. Stack forwards, stack backwards, one at a time or all at once with this unique matching mechanic!


Generate special bonuses by stacking the different colored dolls in following different paths and see them dance and sing!


Build a unique Russian village with items that used to be toys, but came magically alive as a result of the meteor. Plant and build a safe environment for your reunited dolls to grow, live, and prosper!


Deep in the Siberian wilderness, a truck full of thousands of Matryoshka dolls leaves the factory, bound for all the gift shops and toy stores in the country.

A meteorite suddenly crosses the sky, startling the driver... SMASH!

The truck clips the side of the mountain road and falls into a ravine. Hundreds of crates of stacking dolls fly and spill out.

As the meteorite crashes into the Earth, magical space dust scatters into the air.

Among the wreckage, the dolls begin to stir. They are alive... It is now up to you to organise them into their proper sets!


Nadya means hope in Russian. She learns to navigate the Cupkins world alongside the player. Her rebellious nature makes her a true leader for her community, because she can outwit the forest creatures, and keep the Matryoshkas safe from being captured and sold by Bah-bah Yaga.


Good-natured and boyishly handsome, Yakov is full of childlike curiosity. Good to have around in sticky situations, Yakov teaches Nadya to navigate the adventures of being alive. He is the character the players could actually have a crush on!


Pistov is Yakov's brother. He is slimy and profit-oriented. You can always count on him to take credit for your work!

Bahbah Yaga

Bahbah Yaga is a crone-like and money-driven CEO of the Bahbah Boomski's Toy Co. She has sleek black hair and wears the latest from Prada. She can usually be found in a nasty mood, since no amount of cash can buy her a less crooked nose!

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